МИФЫ, в которые ТЫ ВЕРИШЬ — Half-life

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МИФЫ, в которые ТЫ ВЕРИШЬ - Half-life
МИФЫ, в которые ТЫ ВЕРИШЬ — Half-life
Подборка наиболее частых заблуждений, которыми подвергаются игроки. Возможно и ты тоже в них верил! Обязательно напиши, о каких вещах из видео ты не знал, или же ты прошаренный игрок в Half-life и тебя уже ничем не удивить? В любом случае, надеюсь вам было интересно. Буду рад любой вашей поддержке!)

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Hi, Daniel, I won’t be able to clear up much. It was a deliberate decision to have Gearbox never call him Barney in Blue Shift, only Calhoun. Raising the Bar is not a game, so material is presented differently there; manifestations differ in every medium. Gearbox took our Barney and did their own best version, but I’m not sure that Barney is the same Barney I’m picturing when I picture Valve’s Barney. In the time BS was created, there were many Barneys. Only gradually have the redundant creature and character types slowly settled into iconic individuals…it’s an ongoing process. Gearbox did what was right for their games. Even though they had feedback and guidance from us, they didn’t always listen to it, and they steered by their own lights, etc., etc. I wasn’t very close to the creation of the expansion packs, and much more concerned with how to move the story forward and open up the universe; so I only take the games created by Valve into consideration when I am working on the story…there are more than enough potential contradictions in our own designs without me worrying about contradictions in the inventions of other developers who were not part of our initial creative meetings. I know this is confusing to fans; it’s partly a byproduct of the way expansion packs were created, the way they were packaged and published, and also I was very new to this whole concept at the time. It never occurred to me that large chunks of the story would be taken out of our hands, changes made beyond our control, and then have the stuff handed back with some odd unexpected kinks in it. So try not to worry about it, and simply do my best with material directly in my control. However, as to your last question, There was pressure on us to set Half-Life 2 at Black Mesa, which a lot of us felt would be creative death; it was important to break new ground. Nuking Black Mesa was a good way to ensure that we had a way to avoid setting Half-Life 2 there. You might say I gave the G-Man his orders. The whole issue of canon is something the fans came up with. I guess you will be able to identify as canon those story elements we continue to build on and develop and mention repeatedly as the story progresses. Others might fall by the wayside once they’ve served their purpose. Couldn’t you say the same of us all?
Marc Laidlaw

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